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Privacy Notice: At eCore, we’re committed to respecting your privacy. We use Breezy HR, a web-based hiring platform, to assist our recruitment process. As part of that process, we require you to submit a personal information/identification document that will be treated with high confidentiality and shared with authorized hiring team members only. Your identification document is used for screening purposes and your personal information is used to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for current and future roles at our company. Please provide accurate information, otherwise, your application will be disqualified and you will not be able to reapply in the future.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS before you apply:

  • Please read the job requirement and FAQ thoroughly.
  • Please Include your Linkedin Profile in the Resume.
  • Please only use a valid GMAIL email when applying.
  • Only apply if you have availability for 40h per week.
  • Only Apply if you can work from 6 am to 2 pm PST


About the Company:

The eCore Organization combines virtual work, international development, and a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. We all believe in using technology, talent, and innovation to simplify costly business processes while providing jobs to hard-working individuals deserving of opportunities and those serve as our organization's core values.

About the Worker Community:

eCore Services gives skilled individuals access to fair-wage digital work all over the globe. The majority of eCore members were underemployed or unemployed before joining. Because our worker community is structured like a traditional workforce, members have the opportunity to develop essential skills, professional development, advances in careers, work in teams, and interact with community members.

About the position:

eCore is looking for a team leader to manage, train, and coach the data research team.

Job Description:

  • Act as the leader within the company.
  • Define the data vision, and strategy, and build the data campaigns.
  • Prioritize quality deliverables within budget and deadlines.
  • Contribute ideas for making the projects and deliverables released with better quality.
  • Work closely with the data and management teams to meet organizational goals.
  • Ensure alignment between client objectives and the research team's performance.
  • Ability to manage, monitor, and track the team's progress.
  • Track and report lead generation project performance metrics, using this data to optimize campaign performance continually.

The ideal candidate qualification:

  • Team management experience (preferably in lead generation projects).
  • Experience in training and monitoring teams.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work between 6 AM to 3 PM US Pacific Standard Time
  • Strong knowledge of Google Workspace, spreadsheets and formula manipulations.
  • Experience working with startups is highly appreciated.
  • Technical background is a plus.
  • A work style that is extremely detail-oriented.


Bulgaria, Cameroon, Croatia, Georgia, India, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Mexico, Philippines, Peru, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Ukraine

The screening process is composed of the following, respectively:

  • Pre-qualification
  • Video Interview
  • Live Interview
  • Training & Probation


- Is this a scam?

No! We're here to connect companies with the global workforce online, and we will never ask for money from you. We want to pay you for the work that you've done within our platform.

- How do I get paid?

We pay via Payoneer.


You sign up for one of two options: a global bank transfer that connects to your bank or for a debit card that auto-fills with your payment.

- How do I apply?

Just enter your information in the application form and click "Submit Application". It's as easy as that!

- What should my background be?

All of our team members have college degrees or are working on acquiring college degrees. You need to make sure to list all relevant skills and work history on your resume to give us an overview of who you are. Please include any work experience, including (but not limited to!) working for a family business, administrative tasks, or tutoring.

- What are the things I need to know and need to prepare before I apply?

Have an updated resume on hand, including demographic information, educational background, and work experience.

    - What does the application process look like?

    1. Click the 'Apply to Position' button and fill out the necessary information.
    2. Once you've submitted your information, you'll receive an invitation to record a Video Interview. You will be asked a few questions to help us get to know you better.
    3. Once you've successfully submitted your Video Interview, you'll receive a confirmation email that your application has been submitted. Our hiring team reviews the applications (please do your best!) and contacts those that are fit for the role. You will be notified of the result of your application within 4-6 weeks.
    4. After this, you'll enter the initial training phase (training is unpaid).
    5. If you pass the test after the training, you will sign the paperwork.
    6. If you accept the offer, complete the paperwork, and your identity is verified, you’re officially hired to start probation. The probation period is paid.